Your Orlando, FL Dental Implants Experts

At Dental Implant Solutions of Orlando, FL, we provide state-of-the-art dental implant therapy to replace missing teeth or to secure loose dentures.

As a comprehensive dental provider, we incorporate modern dental implants into everything from cosmetic smile makeovers to full mouth reconstructive cases.

About Dental Implant Procedures

Offering a variety of dental implants allows our office to make the dental implant procedure available to more people in the Orlando, FL area.

Not all dentists provide different types of dental implants. Instead of turning patients away, we've adapted newer types of implants designed to make the treatment available to non-traditional implant patients.

At Dental Implant Solutions of Orlando, FL you'll receive high quality results, comfortable treatment, and a wider choice of options for enhancing your oral health. Several dental implant placement procedures only require one appointment, making the overall experience one that’s expedited and more affordable.

Dental Implant Solutions of Orlando, FL incorporates this alternative implant design to:

  • Enhance the quality of life of their patients
  • Rehabilitate the function and integrity of your bite
  • Restore confidence by eliminating the embarrassment of missing teeth
  • Replace single or multiple missing teeth
  • Provide an option to individuals that are not candidates for standard implant placement
  • Stabilize removable denture prosthetics that would otherwise cause discomfort

Same Day Mini Dental Implants Orlando, FL

Because of the design and shape of a mini implant, Dental Implant Solutions of Orlando, FL can typically place them in one appointment. There are no lengthy surgeries or recovery periods necessary. Most people find it easier than having other types of dental work done.

Learn more about how our state-of-the-art dental implants and how a dental implant dentist can help you enjoy a healthy smile again. Contact us today to schedule your evaluation.