Mini Dental Implants Orlando, FL

Dental Implant Dentist is one of the most experienced dental offices of mini dental implant in Orlando, FL. It’s no surprise why so many people come to see us for second opinions on how to best treat their tooth loss.

What makes our mini implants so revolutionary, is the ability to place them in just one day. That’s not possible with other types of common dental work or implant surgery. Under the assistance of mild local anesthetic, Dental Implant Dentist in Orlando can place your implant in less time than it usually takes to fill a tooth or place a crown.

Flexible Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

When a tooth needs to be replaced, there are generally a few options to consider…

Bridges: Three to four dental crowns fused side by side and cemented on top of healthy adjacent teeth. This requires reshaping the supporting teeth.

Partial Dentures: A removable prosthesis that clasps around existing teeth, with artificial teeth fused onto the base.

Full Dentures: “Plates” that cover the entire jawline to replace all of the teeth at one time.

Traditional Implants: Artificial tooth roots, which can be used for single or multiple tooth replacement, or denture stabilization. They’re often used alone for crowns, or in pairs for bridges.

Mini Dental Implants: Same day tooth replacement or denture stabilization in areas where there is not enough healthy bone to support a conventional implant; or for patients who prefer a more comfortable and streamlined experience.

Mini implants offer some of the greatest flexibility and quality when it comes to tailoring your treatment plan to meet your unique oral health concerns.

Getting a mini dental implant is usually a viable option for most of our patients. Because mini dental implants are more of a straightforward procedure, the costs involved in the overall process are far less than a traditional implant case.

Same day placement also means you can avoid taking extra time off from work for multiple appointments, saving you vacation and sick leave! Even if your dental insurance doesn’t cover the cost of your mini dental implant treatment, our Orlando, FL office offers flexible payment and financing options to budget your treatment out in an affordable manner.

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